August 26, 2020

On Friday, the court held another ambitious session in our case. Judge Carter took over City Hall Chambers to permit the mayor and all of the council members to appear and testify about their progress fulfilling their obligation to hit 6,700 new beds in the next few months (along with constant reminders that this is just the beginning). The session went over six hours. The court is understandably anxious to expedite the process. Judge Carter alluded to using his contempt powers unless he sees marked progress on sheltering the homeless and clearing streets. At one point he noted that he is 76 years old, and he’s not going to leave this earth with a black spot on his heart knowing he could’ve done more to solve this tragedy.

It is important to reflect that none of this would have happened without our lawsuit. Each of you should be proud of the role you’ve taken in pushing this forward.


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