August 3, 2020

We hope that you are well and safe. The Court was forced to take a recess from holding sessions due to the surge in virus cases in LA County, but has ambitiously scheduled a new hearing for Friday, August 7, to be held at LA City Hall. The Court has “invited” nearly all of the local elected officials and bureaucratic office holders to attend. We have attached a copy of the most recent minute order should you wish to see it. Judge Carter has made it clear that he wants the process to move forward quickly, and after some ground rules are firmly established would like to address the homeless issues on a Council District by Council District basis.

View Full Minute Order


We have already participated in 5 separate mediation sessions with various parties and continue to fight on a daily basis to maintain our ground and push for forward progress. There are many (both in government and out) that are consciously or subconsciously invested in the status quo and are pushing back on any attempt to do things differently. But as our streets and those who live on them are rapidly declining, we refuse to accept the status quo and thankfully so does Judge Carter. We are concerned that emergency funds, especially federal funds, be allocated to projects as soon as possible. Some of those funds expire at the end of the year. Therefore, we are advocating for a prompt implementation of this process. 

On another positive note, we have launched our new website. We especially want to thank Josh Gray-Emmer and his team at BridgeDTLA for contributing his time to the creation of the site. It contains a great deal of material. Please forward it to your contacts so that we can have greater exposure and potential donations.

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