Homelessness in Los Angeles is a tragic and deteriorating crisis. Thousands live on our streets in medieval conditions while the City and County has failed to adequately and responsibly engage the crisis. The L.A. Alliance, a grass-roots coalition of Los Angeles residents, filed a Federal lawsuit to secure the right of the homeless to shelter and treatment, and a return to clean and safe sidewalks.

As a result of the filing, LA City and County have agreed to provide shelter and services for 6500 homeless.  While a significant start, the Alliance will not stop until we have a comprehensive agreement with the City and County to house tens of thousands more.  The Alliance seeks to use a consent decree or court order to empower City and County officials to rapidly provide sanctuary and humane enforcement of “quality of life” laws.  

We are gearing up for even greater impact and action, and are intent on engaging communities throughout the L.A. region and advocating for real change.  The L.A. Alliance seeks to partner with community and business groups, nonprofit and civic organizations, and community members of all stripes.  Our success is the success of all Angelenos as we continue to declare enough is enough!  As the voices of common-sense and reason, we stand for lasting, effective, and compassionate solutions to the humanitarian crisis. With your help, we are poised to act and make even bigger impacts.  Join us by supporting our work of empowering individuals and communities in helping people and ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods.