Looking Forward to Our Day in Court

By now you have probably heard that the City and County of Los Angeles have filed a motion to dismiss the LA Alliance lawsuit.  As the LA Daily News puts it, this is a “closely watched federal lawsuit.”

The stakes are high, and we remain bullish that these motions, just like the previous motion to dismiss filed by the County, are attacks we will easily overcome.  Our efforts to pressure the City and County are working and time is running out. 

Daniel Conway, our LA Alliance spokesman, made it clear: 

“With winter right around the corner, the city and county should be focusing their energy and resources on getting as many people off the streets as possible.  This would have the benefits of saving lives, providing treatment and services, reducing crime and violence in our neighborhoods, and reclaiming public spaces for the entire community.  Instead, the city and the county of Los Angeles spend taxpayer dollars grasping at every legal escape hatch. We hope their New Year’s resolution is to get serious about comprehensively addressing homelessness.”

In the next month, the LA Alliance will be back in court arguing for our plaintiffs and advocating for the housed and unhoused of Los Angeles.  We will remind the Court of the success we’ve had in increasing the number of shelter beds and demanding additional action from the City and County to solve the homelessness crisis.   Our goal is securing shelter and treatment for the unhoused and to start regulating public spaces such as sidewalks and parks.

As we reflect on the Holiday season, we remain vigilant yet humble in the fight for the vulnerable.  We are mindful that too many Angelenos are denied shelter and help and that this season will be a difficult one for them. 

Thank you for your support.  We appreciate the opportunity to fight for Los Angeles. 

Have a Happy Holiday!

LA Daily News

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