The City and County are Forced to the Table

The LA Alliance for Human Rights continued to fight in court this week for shelters, services and treatment, and safe streets for all of Los Angeles.  Monday’s proceedings focused on the City and County’s Motion to Dismiss the Alliance’s Amended and Supplemental Complaint that clearly identifies where Los Angeles has failed its duty to protect those living and dying on the streets and the communities in which they live.

 As expected, the City and County didn’t have much to say other than “We are trying” and “We are spending a lot of money” and “This is a political issue, not a legal one.” Our Attorney’s response: This should be a political issue, the elected leaders should have handled it, but when their failure reaches Constitutional proportions, it becomes a judicial issue and judges must step in. The seminal Brown v. Board of Education decision regarding segregated schools was also thought a political issue at the time, warding off the judiciary’s involvement.  When it became clear, however, that segregated schools were a matter of policy amounting to a violation of the Constitution, the courts stepped in to end that disgraceful practice.

Ultimately the court harangued the City and County about why no settlement has taken place and set a mandatory settlement conference for February 15.  Judge Carter will hold off ruling on the motions until the settlement conference.  Stay tuned to see if the City and County have anything legitimate to offer, or more of the same (excuses).

Instead of the City and County hiding behind the lame excuse of meeting their “statutory obligations” by offering thin, ineffective housing and services, we are demanding real solutions that result in shelter, treatment, and safe streets.  It’s taken our lawsuit to bring them to the table and we are not stopping until we reach a comprehensive settlement overseen by Judge Carter.

Share this story with your friends and encourage them to join the LA Alliance.  We are working to put together a grass roots campaign that will assist you in contacting your Councilmembers and County Supervisors and demanding that they end the scourge of homelessness in LA.  Watch our new video and check out our updated website.  

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    • Ric Villablanca
      commented 2022-01-27 15:08:58 -0800
      It is really difficult to win a league against a Judge, they are part of the system interested as well.
    • Paul Webster
      published this page in Blog Articles and News 2022-01-26 17:34:09 -0800