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City Offers Independent Audit

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LA Alliance Settlement - City and County

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  • November 20, 2023

    LA Alliance Settlement Summary - City and County

     In March 2020, the LA Alliance for Human Rights sued the city and county of Los Angeles to compel elected officials to address homelessness rapidly and at scale.   The LA Alliance suit demanded:  Immediate creation of shelter and housing to get people off the streets Services and treatment to keep people off the streets Regulation of public spaces to make streets, sidewalks, and parks safe and clean In its settlement with the City of Los Angeles, the City agreed to: Create shelter and housing immediately to get people off the streets Reduce encampments Establish deadlines and targets to determine the success of its efforts Return public spaces to their intended uses In its settlement with the County of Los Angeles, the County agreed to: Create 3,000 treatment beds for unsheltered people with mental illnesses and addictions Subsidize 450 ‘Board and Care’ beds Establish deadlines and targets to determine the success of its efforts The settlements will result in 3,500 mental health and treatment beds and 19,700 beds for people experiencing homelessness including 6,700 beds focused on helping those living near freeways and underpasses. Both agreements are for all of Los Angeles. They are not limited to Skid Row and Downtown. Both the City and County will be held accountable to this agreement by Federal District Court Judge David O. Carter. 
  • April 07, 2022

    Tent Camps To Court: The Legal Fight Over Homelessness
  • September 23, 2021

    LA Alliance Press Release on 9th Circuit Court Ruling

    Click here to read the LA Alliance's press release on the 9th Circuit Court ruling on the LA City and County appeal to Judge David O. Carter's preliminary injunction.