• July 09, 2020

    Joseph Charney

    It is necessary to file an action because the executive and legislative branches of the County and City have failed to adequately respond to the present emergency. It is unconscionable that our local government does not properly shelter those living in encampments. Last year, nearly a 1000 homeless died in the street. They should have had a right to shelter and government the obligation to provide it.

    – Joseph Charney

  • July 09, 2020

    Diony Rebuta

    I am glad there is an Organization that is trying to stop Homelessness! Homelessness is a Major Concern on our Neighborhood. It is time to create a solution to this long time problem. You have my full support to your campaign.

    – Diony Rebuta

  • July 09, 2020

    Ericson Alviz

    Homelessness is a Major Problem in Los Angeles. I am very happy that there is an organization trying to solve it. Keep it up!

    – Ericson Alviz

  • July 09, 2020

    Sara H

    So thankful to finally see an organization like this caring for the future of these poor, unfortunate lives suffering on the streets of Los Angeles. Keep up the good work! The homeless issue is getting out of hand. Driving around town and seeing tents on every corner is depressing and wrong!

    – Sara H