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  • LA Alliance Report on County Services for the Unhoused

    Report CoverFor the last ten years, more public funds than ever have been dedicated to developing housing, shelter, services, and support, in an attempt to address the significant needs of people living on the street.

    While the funding and capacity for homelessness programs have increased, so has the number of people experiencing homelessness. More people live unsheltered in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the United States. More than 55,000 people live on the street in Los Angeles County and most of those people suffer from mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

    LA County has an obligation to treat the sick and unsheltered.  Its failure to adequately do so has resulted in greater sickness, disorder, crime, death, and destitution. That is why the LA Alliance for Human Rights brought a lawsuit against the County. 

    To demonstrate the County's poor management, underspending, and misplaced priorities, the LA Alliance commissioned a performance and budget audit of the County's programs intended to serve the unsheltered and untreated in Los Angeles.  The report reviews several programs and initiatives where the County is supposed to serve and treat people experiencing homelessness, including: 

    • Measure H
    • Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funds
    • Full Service Partnerships (FSP)
    • Substance use disorders among the homeless population, and
    • The Department of Mental Health’s services for people experiencing homelessness

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