We sued the City and County to end the homeless crisis Join us.


At a time when record levels of resources are going to address LA’s homelessness crisis, the situation continues to spin out of control. Everyone agrees that the status quo is unacceptable - for the unsheltered and sheltered alike - yet our leaders keep trying the same solutions and getting the same results. The LA Alliance for Human Rights sued the City and County of Los Angeles to break this cycle and to compel our local leaders to act urgently and creatively to solve this crisis in our community.

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Demand LA County Step Up!

LA County must step up and address the unhoused and untreated mentally ill and drug addicted.  

What good is the County's $3 billion mental health budget if it is not going to help the most vulnerable?

Join the LA Alliance as we demand action by contacting the LA Board of Supervisors today!  Click here to send a letter and add your voice for change!