Subjecting the homeless to increased violence, squalor, and disease is not compassionate; it's cruel.
LA Alliance for Human Rights is a grass-roots coalition of Los Angeles residents who believe that mental illness and homelessness is a human rights crisis and are working towards solutions. We are a broad coalition; our members include those who were recently homeless, shelter and mission workers, community members, employees and residents that have been impacted by the homeless situation in the City of LA. 

Homelessness in Los Angeles is a tragic and deteriorating crisis. Everyday there are thousands of people living and dying on our streets. The City, County, and State are devoting record levels of resources to address homelessness but progress is incremental at best. Local leaders face the challenges of out-of-date state laws, legal settlements that limit their options, and neighborhoods that are skeptical about how this crisis is impacting their well-being. These obstacles cannot be deterrents when so many lives – and the future of the City – are at stake. The City and County must act with urgency and purpose.   

We are now preparing for an affirmative lawsuit against the City and County to enable our leaders to respond to the crisis in an expeditious manner.  The Alliance seeks to use a consent decree or court order to empower City and County officials to rapidly provide sanctuary and shelter to those experiencing homelessness in our community.

How you can help:

Join the Alliance

Tell others about the Alliance

Contact your local Councilmember/Supervisor

Donate to support litigation

All money raised will be used to fund litigation and related activities. Bills will be paid upon review and approval by LA Alliance leaders. Any money raised that is above and beyond what is required will be donated to a homeless service provider chosen by the Alliance. 

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If you have any questions,
please contact Don Steier
at donsteier@gslawla.com