Homelessness in Los Angeles is a tragic and deteriorating crisis. Thousands live on our streets and the City and County have failed to adequately and responsibly engage the crisis. The L.A. Alliance filed a Federal lawsuit to secure the right of the homeless to shelter and treatment, and a return to clean and safe sidewalks – and we won!

As a result, LA City and County have agreed to:

  • Create shelter and housing
  • Reduce the number of encampments
  • Return public spaces to their intended uses
  • Create 3,000 treatment beds
  • Agree to deadlines and targets to measure progress

We need your help in holding the City and County accountable! Our success is the success of all Angelenos as we continue to declare enough is enough!  As the voices of common-sense and reason, we stand for lasting, effective, and compassionate solutions to the humanitarian crisis. With your help, we will build on our success in the courtroom and make even bigger impacts in the community.  

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