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What do we want to accomplish?

Beds, Services, and the Obligation to Use Them. We are seeking a legally enforceable mandate whereby the community provides beds and services to those ready, willing, and able to accept shelter. At the same time, living in public spaces is forbidden and laws are enforced. This is a balanced social contract whereby the community is able to provide for those most vulnerable on our streets while also removing those who exist to prey on those vulnerable and the communities in which they reside.

Options exist for less than $10,000 per bed. For just a quarter of the Proposition HHH funds the City of Los Angeles could provide a bed for every homeless Angeleno in the street. For less than 1% of the County of Los Angeles’ $36 billion budget, the County could provide a bed for every homeless Angeleno in its jurisdiction.


Get the Facts

The Homeless Count

for LA County went from 46,874 in 2016 to 66,436 in 2020, an increase of 20 thousand over five years

67 % of the unsheltered

in the County of Los Angeles suffer from mental illness and or substance abuse disorder

African Americans make up 34%

of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County, despite representing just 8% of the overall population, according to the data

The number of Los Angeles

homeless homicide victims is increasing. While only one percent of the city’s population lives on the streets or in shelters, homeless people accounted for about 17 percent of its homicide victims during 2019