Who We Are

The LA Alliance for Human Rights is a broad coalition of Angelinos who believe that the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles requires urgent and comprehensive solutions. We have heard enough excuses and failures from politicians and government officials, so we sued the City and County of L.A. to demand action.

In 2019, a group of small business owners, residents, and social service providers formed an unincorporated association to pursue a lawsuit to require the City and County to take responsibility for their legal obligations to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all – housed and unhoused. We succeeded in settling our suit with the City and County to provide:

  • Shelter and housing
  • Reduce the number of encampments
  • Return public spaces to their intended uses
  • 3,000 treatment beds
  • Deadlines and targets to measure progress

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we work to hold the City and County accountable to follow through on their commitments to solve the homelessness crisis. Tax-deductible donations are used for raising awareness, mobilizing coalition members, engaging our elected leaders, and serving as a watchdog over the work of the City and County.”

Join us as we seek to help those in need and improve our communities by holding the City and County accountable.



It is necessary to file an action because the executive and legislative branches of the County and City have failed to adequately respond to the present emergency. It is unconscionable that our local government does not properly shelter those living in encampments. Last year, nearly a 1000 homeless died in the street. They should have had a right to shelter and government the obligation to provide it.

– Joseph Charney

I am glad there is an Organization that is trying to stop Homelessness! Homelessness is a Major Concern on our Neighborhood. It is time to create a solution to this long time problem. You have my full support to your campaign.

– Diony Rebuta

Homelessness is a Major Problem in Los Angeles. I am very happy that there is an organization trying to solve it. Keep it up!

– Ericson Alviz

So thankful to finally see an organization like this caring for the future of these poor, unfortunate lives suffering on the streets of Los Angeles. Keep up the good work! The homeless issue is getting out of hand. Driving around town and seeing tents on every corner is depressing and wrong!

– Sara H

Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis cannot be managed or mitigated, it must come to an end. Letting three people die everyday on our sidewalks is not compassion – it’s cruel. This lawsuit, and the collaborative process that it has unleashed, is the best opportunity we have had in years to solve our homeless crisis.

– Don Steier, Chair, LA Alliance for Human Rights

"[O]ur holding does not cover individuals who do have access to adequate temporary shelter, whether because they have the means to pay for it or because it is realistically available to them for free, but who choose not to use it."

– Martin v City of Boise, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal

Within homeless encampments, where violent crimes are more frequent than ever, mental illness and substance abuse can be endemic.

– Los Angeles Times, Oct 22, 2021

[T]he plaintiffs, quite frankly, have been in our office, and we've talked to them, and we wanted to work toward addressing this issue. So I don't view this as us against them because we're all in this together. And working with all of our 87 other cities along with L.A. city is what L.A. County is committed to do.

I don't view the people that got us here today in an adversarial way. In fact, I admire their courage for stepping forward.

– Kathryn Barger, Chair, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

“I have lived here my entire life.  I have never seen this city so dirty, so rudderless”

– Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

"What...our county and our city has done so far to address this crisis, I believe, hasn’t worked."

– Janice Hahn, Supervisor, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors