October 29, 2020

Yesterday the LA Alliance released a statement after yesterday’s council meeting discussing the proposed amendments regarding enforcement and clean-ups. 

Click Here to View Alliance Statement

While we are encouraged by the amendments that were proposed, it is disappointing that no action was taken yesterday.


Angelenos need relief now.  The historic agreement between City and County for 6700 beds within the next several months is meant to work with these news law to provide a balanced approach that LA Alliance has been advocating for: beds and services for those who need them, and maintenance of our streets and public spaces.  This balanced approach provides for a health community for everyone. 


This issue will be next considered November 24 before the entire council and it is crucial that we organize and turn out support for this amendment, which will:

  • Ban camping within 500 feet of freeways
  • Ban camping within 500 feet of Bridge Home shelters
  • Ban camping in such a way that blocks sidewalks in violation of ADA
  • Bans camping for any individuals who have been offered shelter but refused.


One of the most critical aspects of the hearing yesterday was renewed calls to enter into a settlement with the Alliance providing for the balanced approach described above. 


We have reached an agreement with the City in principal (though many more details need to be hammered out), but need the County to participate with funding and services.  You can all help by contacting your County Supervisor and express your support for this process. 


In the meantime, the case is still progressing.  We have a status conference at City Hall scheduled for November 5 where each council member will report on progress. 

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